(light shadow)

by Chimney Choir

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Listen. In a cabin outside of Fairplay with magnetic poetry on the refrigerator we constantly mix, arrange, and rearrange. Moments of divine creative spark blend with ordinariness: a long walk, a curry dinner, a lover’s spat, a day off. We sit in this little cabin and play improv games, listening for the rightness. We make up a story about a weaver woman trapped in a loveless marriage who comes alive with her loom. She doesn’t notice us, she’s so deep in her obsession with patterns. And so are we. We tap kitchen utensils on the inside of a wood stove, drop heavy aluminum lids on an iron surface and we listen. We record a sudden cacophonous hail storm. We have a two-day tarot reading where each card becomes a sound becomes an image becomes a sound. We mix metaphors with the mundane. We’ve never yet created so much from nothing, or combined our magics in so much depth. Melodies drop like radio signals into our antenna-heads; we tune in, listening to capture the now-ness for you. So that you can listen too.

Where is the beginning of the cycle of light and shadow? How did we get here? It had something to do with being commissioned to write a full-length ballet, but that is not nearly the whole story. Nor is it truly the beginning, you see, because we have been preparing our whole lives for this project, for the series of moments that brought us to today. The ballet is a reason to start, and so we do.

Later this mishmash of ideas and songs and moments will be performed with expressive ballet dancers’ hearts and bodies bringing the ideas to life in front of a great many people. Garrett Ammon will choreograph a story to our stories, layer over our layers. An artist who falls in love with his creation, a statue. A goddess sent to earth to save humanity from itself. A couple at the end of their life claims: no regret, it was worth it. And still, those ordinary moments will be there too: day jobs, words unspoken, rush hour traffic, smoke breaks. It will all come together just in the nick of time.

We’ll go to Eagle Wind Sound Studios in Fraser, Colorado and stay with Kris’s parents while recording the entire thing, some 23 songs in 10 days. An impossible feat of magic made possible by late-night spring rolls and other life-giving mom-made snacks (thanks Sharry!). You may be able to hear her love in the recording. We are so lucky, so blessed. We’ll have a great many visitors in the studio for a great many reasons, some escaping the whirl and blur of city life, some curious friends and lovers, some interested and eager passers-by. David will make batch after batch of tikka masala. Kevin will yodel. Kris will have a crush on the barista down the way. Nothing will ever come of it, but the feeling of that pure potential is on the record too if you listen closely enough. It’s all there.

In the process of making (light shadow) we will catch some of the biggest waves that we’ve ever ridden as individuals or as a collaborative family. We’ll leave our long-time creative home base, the architectural antiques warehouse, and go into freefall. Who are we now? Breakups, breakdowns, breakthroughs. What do we want? Is everything falling apart or is everything coming together? Probably both. Where is this all going? We move and change and rearrange in unpredictable, necessary, and sometimes painful ways. Chaos into order into chaos, rinse, repeat, never complete. The cycle of (light shadow) is alive in us, in this, and it’s alive in you, too, when you’re listening.


released January 1, 2020

All songs written and produced by Chimney Choir

Recorded at Eagle Wind Sound - Frasier, CO
Engineered by P.J. Olsson

Mixed by P.J. Olsson and Chimney Choir

Mastered by Colin Bricker @ Mighty Fine Productions - Denver, CO


all rights reserved



Chimney Choir Denver, Colorado

Chimney Choir combines folk harmonies, ambient electronics, and swirling textures of rhythm and melody into a style of music that is not easy to define. Their performances often take on a theatrical quality that has incorporated puppetry, ritual, dance, storytelling, interactive video and even a sci-fi mini-drama. Their newest album, "(light shadow)" will be released in January of 2020. ... more

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Track Name: Patterns I
Circle in a spiral
Intersecting lines
From a different angle
Suddenly aligned

Flicker light and shadow
A colorful terrain
Curving the attention
In beautiful and strange
Track Name: An Alternate Life
In the distance I can see
A desert of uncertainty
I’ll get through eventually
And sing a little song
I’ll keep moving on

Let your troubles always spill
Down like water from a hill
Listen closely, just be still
You’ll hear me calling out
Where could you be now?

Once I caught a glimpse of myself
Living an alternate life
I saw you there, I had the feeling
As if I knew you in another lifetime

After the storm it’s back to normal
What did it even feel like?
After forever was only a moment
I was walking by

You’re right
Your life, you’re alive
Talk about the weather
Are we ever gonna get it right?
Everything aligning in the morning
When I’m feeling alive
Track Name: Golden Age
We’re not too late
I heard a voice behind me say
So much has changed
Wish I was living in the Golden Age
Wish I was living in the Golden Age

Always keep your eyes on the road
We’ve still got a ways yet to go
A new moon sky with no guardrails
Destination unknown
It'll be so easy to lose control

We’re not too late
(All we stand to lose)
I heard a voice inside me say
Nothings changed
We’re always living in the Golden Age
(Strong current)
We’re always living in the Golden Age
(No way out but through)
We’re always living in the Golden Age

All we have is all we stand to lose
I put it all on the line and tell the truth
Riptide, strong current, no way out but through
Speak the underneath I always knew

The wind has changed
We’re spinning high upon the weathervane
I can’t complain
I'm always living in the Golden Age
I'm always living in the Golden Age
Track Name: Patterns II
I stand completely still
I’ve been like this forever
All I have is time
All I do is watch
All I do is listen
I wait until my time is right

We are always balancing
In between what really matters
Darkness and epiphany
All appears to me in patterns

The planets are aligned
The wheels are all in motion
Now my time is right

I’m up I’m out I’m wide awake
The price I’ll pay, the chance is mine to take
I’m finally electrified
I want to tell you words I can’t describe

We are always balancing
In between space and matter
I'd tell you but I can't describe
Finding I am lost inside these patterns

Darkness and epiphany
All appears to me in patterns
I'd tell you but I can't describe
Finding I am lost inside these patterns
Track Name: The Lighthouse
I close my eyes
I hope I’m right
I lost track
Don’t think, react
No going back
Track Name: Syncopated Thought
Syncopated thought

In syncopated thought
We’re caught oblivious
Everybody nod and smile
Blended into one
Some find security
We would rather die in style

Nothing comes to mind

Something comes to mind
Now I get thinking
It all comes down to who believes it
Maybe we will lose and maybe we’ll win
It all comes down to who perceives it
Track Name: For No Reason
For no reason at all
For no reason at all
For no reason at all
I love you
For no reason at all

And I wonder how nice it would be
Yes I wonder how nice it would be
Yes I can't help but wonder how nice it would be
If all of a sudden
You just started loving me

I wonder
I wonder
I wonder
Track Name: No Regret
I’m not sorry
For what I said
The voice that spoke
Was over my head

I don’t regret
The day we met
To the bitter end
It was worth it

No regret
It was worth it
Track Name: The Answer
The answer came to me
Out of the ordinary
And right in front of me

I’m not thinking
I’m noticing
Weaving through security
The answer came to me
And a little bit scary

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